Important Tips On Pre Travel Preparations & Health Precautions

Well getting prepared to travel to India? Good. Here we would like to share some important health information & travel warnings before you prepare yourself to travel to India. It’s always said that it’s good to travel light. True. But don’t forget the essentials following this tip. It’s good to travel light but pack wisely depending on the region of travel, weather etc. This travel service guide will help you to prepare for your travel.

  • The very first tip is to choose your travel service route wisely. As appropriately stated by Lonely Planet - If you have specific interests then –
  • Shopping - New Delhi
  • Beaches - Goa
  • Trekking - Himachal Pradesh
  • Yoga - Rishikesh
  • Food – Everywhere!
  • Tigers - Madhya Pradesh
  • Thrill-seekers - Manali
  • Religious fervor - Varanasi
  • Just chilling - Kerala
  • So the basic step is to realize the place of interest for your travel services, keeping in mind your interests, health information & travel warnings.
  • Travel Warnings - Please make sure about the visa requirements. Ask your travel service advisor or search the internet. Nationals of most of the countries need a visa to travel to India and for some, it is not available on arrival. Please refer to the Government of India tourism site of your country for any clarifications on visas.
  • While packing your bags make sure you keep the necessary and important stuff depending on your health information/ status, travel warnings, like a hand torch, some extra batteries, small sewing kit, pocket knife, a pair of small scissors, moistened tissues, a lock and key for all your bags, your medications (as prescribed by your doctor or the ones you take regularly as the name of the salts and medicines are not same, a first aid & your shaving kit. All this information is there in your travel service guide.
  • Travel Warnings - Keep the copies of your passport and visa in all your bags. Keep some extra copies while you travel as most places you don’t need original passport and the travel services are rendered on the passport copy itself.
  • Travel Warnings - Always have handy the addresses of the Missions, Embassies & Consulates of your country in case of any emergency. Do inform your family about your whereabouts or the travel service plan.
  • Some paper strip soaps which are always ready at disposal when you need along with some paper napkins both dry and pre moistened.
  • For Indian summers - cotton or synthetic blended (easily breathable) clothes are recommended along with the wide brimmed hat/cap and sunglasses. A sunscreen lotion is a good choice too. Don’t carry delicate fabric clothes which need extra care as it might be difficult to find a proper laundry everywhere. This is a travel service advise as well as part of travel warnings.
  • For Indian winters – Your jacket, sweater, moisturizer, lip guard/ balm, warm socks and thermal inners are must.
  • A neck pillow with eye cover patches for your long travels by road, train in India. These are not part of the travel service kit and are not provided anywhere.
  • A nice camera with some spare batteries or charger is a great idea. Don’t forget to load it with a high capacity memory stick as you will need it to capture the uniqueness of the country. Depending on your travel service plan all places have unique things to capture. Be it New Delhi, Jaipur or Agra, all have both traditional and modern touch, to be captured in your cameras.
  • Travel Warnings - In winters come prepared for the delays of the internal travel service flights especially in North India ( New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Himachal, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Varanasi, Kashmir etc) and the months from mid-November till January because of fog. The Indian airports generally are not equipped with fog enabled flying techniques and equipment.
  • Keep yourself well informed about travel warnings / advisories, the political and regional situations of the places of visit. Some places have political unrest most of the time like Kashmir (Parts bordering with Pakistan) and some Eastern parts of India and don't have proper travel services.
  • Travel Warnings - To carry a guide book (like Lonely Planet or any other internationally acclaimed book available in your market and language) with you is a good idea as a part of your travel service preparations (Although now days internet is the master). These guide books give you a basic idea of the things and prices. You will not feel a complete stranger. But the prices stated in the guide books are sometimes not updated and you can end up in an argument or feeling all left alone if you stick to these prices. For example the auto rickshaw (a common trike public transport vehicle) fares are never found to be appropriate or updated in some guide books.
  • Language is not a big problem in India. For complete details on language, check the travel service Language page of our website. Even though there are hundreds of languages and dialects, English is widely spoken and understood. You will find people speaking (not very accurate but communicable) English all over except in small villages. If it’s a tourist place, yes English will be spoken and understood. For specialized services there are different world language speaking guides (Like Spanish, German, French etc.) to hire. These guides are generally available on pre booking only. Always refer to the travel warnings (if any) for the places of visit.
  • Money Travel Warnings- The currency used in India is Rupees. One rupee is divided in 100 paisa. But Rupee is not available outside the country. Hence you can change your currency (USD, Euros, CHF, GBP etc.) in India to rupee. You will find banks and travel service money changers all over the places. But be prepared to bargain and try few money changers for good rates. In banks the bargaining is not possible and all the banks generally have fixed and same rates. Don’t forget to carry some rupees back for your next trip. For big cities like New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur etc you will find ample spaces for money change.
  • It’s always advisable to have your booking confirmed for the airport pickup and at least for the 1st night of hotel in India. This is a travel warnings to avoid yourself from the clutches of the touts, commission agents and the hassles of India (Details about this is provided in our travel service plans).
  • Well as a first timer (even for travelers who have visited before) it’s always advisable to have all your travel services pre-planned and well organized to avoid any hassles. This also assures you to travel in peace and you see more places without losing much time & money. In pre-paid packages it seems that you pay more but actually when you are in India, you tend to pay more but you don’t feel as you pay in installments. Believe us – getting a pre-paid and pre-planned package saves you a lot of time & money.
  • Travel Warnings - Always choose your travel service agent carefully. It should be approved by Ministry of Tourism & Government of India. Other valuable and international credentials are like IATA, international branches, international partnering etc.
  • If you have booked an airport pickup through a travel service agent, then make sure that you keep the travel service agent’s contact, driver’s contact numbers handy. Also make sure to ask you agent that at what gate the driver will be standing and what type of paging board he will be carrying at the airport. Please ask your travel agent to send you a copy of the paging board which the driver will be carrying at the airport. Since there are many fake people and touts at the airport, if you have a copy of the same paging board that your driver carries, then nothing to worry about.
  • For health information & issues please consult your doctor before travelling. There is no need for any shots/ injections before travel to India but it’s always advisable to consult your doctor and let him check & decide if you are fit to travel. The doctor might advise you common shots like malaria, cholera, flu etc. If you believe in travel warnings & precautions, then take the vaccinations your doctor suggests. Always carry mosquito repellents, nets and sprays to be on a safer side. Normally an international health certificate is not asked by immigration officer from the visitors of USA, Canada, U.K., Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand etc. but as a part of the travel service advice, check with the Indian government site.
  • Health Information - Please carry adhesive bandages, antiseptic creams, antibiotics, thermometer etc. in your first aid kit. If you fall ill, don’t worry and keep your calm, see a doctor (ask your travel service advisor to arrange one) and you will be fine.

Note:- Special Numerology/ Astrology/ Hypnotherapy/ Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions Arranged in New Delhi/ Agra/ Jaipur/ Online. Cycling/Bike Tours & Personal Yoga Sessions in Delhi:- If you are interested, please feel free to ask your travel service advisor for further details.


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